Genocide and General Elections – What Candidates are not talking about

2019 beyond the bar b q and kitchen gatherings in this election as candidates from all political parties, what are they not talking about?


On June 3, 2019, the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls issued their final report to Canadian Governments. Each government recieved a copy of this report in their hands. It seems like each government immediately put it on the shelf or in the shredder. Nobody is talking about it!

The Inquiry found that the reason for this on-going national tragedy in Genocide. I won’t go into the details here or the 231 recommendations. I will encourage you to spend some precious time to educate yourself and read the report. It can be found here:

I was curious when no party leaders attended the open debate on gender issues, as to what the party positions were on the report and the Calls to Justice. Provincially, no political party is addressing the finding of genocide. As to the Calls to Justice, again there appears to be no plan – no action to be the changemakers we require except for the NDP, who have “committed to establish a MMIWG committee of cabinet led by Indigenous Women, who will work with families to implement recommendations coming out of the inquiry. ” Its a start. The suitation of Indigenous Women is not an emergency requiring action now not more time to twiddle thumbs.

check out these links to the Provincial party platforms and make up your own mind. Conservative Party NDP Manitoba Liberal party Green Party

I encourage all Manitobans to make an informed choice and urge you to require your candidate to be bold and decisive: Do they even know what genocide means?

Genocide and General Elections – What Candidates are not talking about